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2013 Cat Range of Duralite Trailers

6.1m – 6.7m CAT DL2022TA15TC 620kg  2000kg yes no no
  DL2022TA15TC 650kg 3200kg no yes no
  DL2022TA16TC 700kg 3500kg no yes no
7m – 7.6m Cat DL2427TA15C 740kg 3200kg no yes no
  DL2427TA16C 770kg 3500kg/4200kg no yes no
  DL2427TRI15C 820kg 4500kg   yes no
8.1m – 8.6m Cat DL2729TA16TC 810kg 3500kg-4200kg no yes no
  DL2729TRI15TC 920kg 4500kg no yes no
  DL2729TRI16TC 960kg 4500kg no yes no
9m – 9.8m Cat DL2931TRI16TC 980kg 4500kg no yes no
9m – 9.8m Cat DL2931TT7.5SC 1680kg 7500ATM no   yes
  DL2931TT7.5AirC 1950kg 7500ATM no   yes
10m – 11m Cat DL3136TTHDSC 2200kg 9000kg ATM no no yes


Depending on the Cat weight we could possibly put a DL2729 under a light weight 9m cat

We can also custom build a full welded trailer in a fixed crossmember configuration cu
All wheels are Alloy Mags***
All Brake lines are Rubber coated Braid ***
All welded Trailers are all Aluminium with Aluminium Winch post and drawbar
Aluminium Winchposts and drawbars can be an option on bolted versions.
All spring Suspention is made from Willex Marine axles very heavy duty and are used by all Defence and Law enforcement
Roller trailer have Galvanized parts Eg: wobble rollor assembalys
All parts are made in Australia Hydralic boosters are exempt from this ****
All Models that is 2729 and up come standard with two spare wheels

A standard Duralite Trailer is a trailer built by bolting the material instead of welding, due to the possability of welds cracking it is better to have the trailer bolted but in some cases this option is too light if the Operator is going to use this for of road use


  • 15″ Spare wheel and tire 
  • 16″ Spare wheel and tire 
  • Spare hub 5454 5 stud 
  • Spare Hub 6464 6 stud 
  • Spare spindle Torsion #35 
  • Spare spindle Torsion #52 
  • Drop down Dolly wheel ass 5 stud 
  • Drop down Dolly wheel ass 6 stud 
  • Rollor kits 
  • Aluminium Drawbar 
  • Aluminium winch posts 
  • Rock 98 5t electric winch 
  • S5000 2T Super winch 
  • Drawbar extensions 
  • Walk platforms
  • Auto Catch


10 Nov 2015

BE AWARE: Of the imported Boat Trailer

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10 Nov 2015

Rust Prevention Product

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3 Nov 2015

Summer specials and price reductions

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