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Duralite Trailers a Green Company

19 Sep 2013

Duralite Trailers a Green Company

Duralites Polly composite Recycled durabunk Material

Avalable in standard lengths or custom cuts


Marine environments such as wharfs, boardwalks, jetties, pontoons and walkways require a substantial amount of lumber and metal to construct.

Not only does this consume an enormous amount of natural resources, they’re susceptible to rotting, splitting, splintering, rusting and salt degradation. And, given the quantity involved, this makes repairs and replacements a very costly exercise.

APR products are stronger, more durable and more versatile than these traditional materials, plus they’re not affected by any of these environmental factors. APR products:

Won’t rust, rot or splinter

Are easy to handle

Are inert in seawater

Are uniform on length, width or diameter

Are flexible in rough conditions

Require minimal maintenance

Do not leach chemicals

Can be cut, drilled, screwed, bolted and stapled into

Made to length, so there’s no wastage.

All of which makes them ideal for marine and outdoor environments. Contact us today to find out more about using APR’s durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products.

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Duralite Aluminium Boat Trailers are manufactured in the Perth suburb of Kewdale. The company has been producing dependable, high quality trailers for the marine industry since 2004.