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Duralite Aluminium Boat Trailers are proud to produce the most innovative  cutting edge aluminium boat trailers to Australia. Manufactured by Kewdale-based Duralite Trailers in Perth, Western Australia, the team has been producing dependable, high quality trailers for the marine industry since 2004.

Producing commercial grade high strength corrosion resistant boat trailer Duralite has had the pleasure to supply our trailers to most of the government agencies and border protection services for Australia and abroad. 

We are one of the only over 4500kg rated aluminium boat trailer manufacture in the country.

Boasting trailers GCM weights from 2000kg upto 25000kg 

Duralite Trailers are made to a custom build for each and every boat. 

Duralite can build trailers as a fully welded chassis or we can produce the Market renowned fully bolted version with stainless steel bolts , nylon lock nuts.

We have an eye to detail and all of our trailers have insulation between our dis-similar metals to prevent corrosion.

Duralite Trailers offer optimal performance, including:

  • A higher boat carrying capacity
  • Safety as a priority
  • More support for your boat (fully adjustable Dura-Bunk skids)
  • A smoother ride for your boat
  • A stronger and lighter frame

Our aluminium long last trailers meet all Australian regulations and standards and are light-weight, which keeps the towing weight to a minimum.

So it’s true to say… they will outlast any other steel trailer in the country.

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Duralite Aluminium Boat Trailers are manufactured in the Perth suburb of Kewdale. The company has been producing dependable, high quality trailers for the marine industry since 2004.