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Boat Trailer Parts

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  • Alloy Bright finish propeller plate moulded wheel

    GuardsAvailable in: Single, Tandem and Tri

  • Bunk Boards

    Available in 12ft and 14ft length Bunk boards are made of recycled poly/rubber compound.

  • Winch posts and winch brackets

  • Bow rollers cones and bow roller end bells

  • Couplers 50mm and 70mm galvanized

  • Narva boat trailer submersible LED light kits

  • Boat trailer winches electric and manual

  • Trailer bearing kits for both 5200lb axils and 3500lb axils

  • Hubs to suit 5200lb and 3500lb axels

  • 5200lb hub kits suit 6 stud on 5in hub to suit Landcrusier wheel stud pattern

  • 3500lb hub kits suit 5 stud on 4in hub to suit ford wheel stud pattern

  • Brake Rite

    Easy installation. Compatible with all vehicle electrical connectors. Works with all brake controllers on the market.

    The BrakeRite can easily be used with single, tandem and triple axle brake systems.

    The BrakeRite has a larger more reliable motor which is able to maintain pressure for a longer period of time with less heat generation as it delivers 75 cubic inches per minute.

    The pump and motor in the BrakeRite are mounted vertically to reduce stress in the mounting bolts and to take the weight off of the armature shaft and bearings.

    The BrakeRite has a power saver feature which reduces the voltage as soon as full pressure is achieved. This reduces wear on the motor by reducing heat without reducing fluid pressure to the brakes.

    Independent Results Prove That BrakeRite’s:

    • Brake response time is 3 times faster
    • Stopping distance is 30% shorter
    • Brake line pressure is 30% higher than both Carlisle and Ausco’s electric over hydraulic actuators.
    • BrakeRite is also the most reliable system, successfully completing more than 1 million cycles as independently verified.
  • Disk Brakes

    Advantages over Drum Brakes

    • Ability to operate at little fade at high temperatures of up to 1500° F
    • Linear relationship between brake torque and pad/rotor friction coefficient
    • Fewer moving parts enhances maintainability
    • Better corrosion characteristics