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  • Higher Boat Carrying Capacity

    Duralite trailers will carry up to 50% more than steel trailers with the same TARE, helping to maintain the ATM below the legal limit, while permitting a heavier boat to be towed by a traditional 4WD.

  • Safety is a Priority

    Brake-Rite Electric/Hydraulic Actuator including brake-away offers fast brake response, delivering 1,200 PSI within 1 second. Kodiak heavy duty ventilated discs and large size callipers together with stainless steel and Silver Cadmium Plated components ensures durability and improved safety on the roads every time.

  • More Support for your Boat

    Revolutionary polymer Dura-Bunk skids offer 150% more support to your boat hull, enabling easy launch and retrieval of your boat, as they are flexible and maintenance free. Fully adjustable Dura-Bunks and winch post can accommodate almost any shape hull

  • Smoother Ride for your Boat

    Our springless independent torsion suspension offers progressive rate resistance providing the best, maintenance-free shock absorption without the worries and constant replacement of spring leafs that perish with rust before too long.

  • Stronger & Lighter Frame

    For over a decade, the strength of our alloy I beam frames has been proven to withstand the harsh marine environment. The weld-free construction of Duralite trailers is crack and rust resistant and up to 50% lighter than with traditional steel trailers!


10 Nov 2015

BE AWARE: Of the imported Boat Trailer

BE AWARE: The Risks of Imported Trailers YOU MAY BE COMPLETELY UNAWARE that the onus is on you in relation to importing trailers with an ATM... Read more.
10 Nov 2015

Rust Prevention Product

We have a great rust prevention product and we offer it hear at Duralite Trailers  PLEASE READ THIS STUFF IS THE BEST GIVE US A CALL... Read more.
3 Nov 2015

Summer specials and price reductions

We have Christmas specials so please give us a call and get into a Duralite Trailer for less than what you expect. we also have a... Read more.

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